How does our sending system work? 🌐
How lemlist sending algorithm ensures you a top-notch deliverability
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Heeeey lemlister! 👋

At lemlist we’ve spent years understanding what is the best way to send emails in order to maximize your email deliverability. 💌

In other words, we make sure that our sending system is the best in class so your emails end up in the inbox. 🤾‍♂️

On your side, when creating your campaign, you need to define a schedule where you indicate the time frame and the frequency with which lemlist will reach your leads ⬇️

Scheduling is actually really important as it will allow you to determine:

⚡️ How fast do you want to reach out to your leads.

The last box on the right is an estimation. In this example, lemlist will contact a new lead approximately every 20 minutes.

This estimation only applies to the 1st step of your sequence, which means that in this example lemlist will send one step n°1 every 20 minutes.

It also gives you an estimation of the number of leads you will be able to contact per day according to the schedule you set up, IF, and only if, it doesn't exceed your sending limit (Settings section, Limits tab).

⚡️ During what period of time you want to send your emails.

⚡️ What delay you want between each step (on the "Sequence" stage)

And during this time frame, our sending algorithm will adapt the sending speed and volume of emails based on tens of parameters in order to maximize your email deliverability and overall results 🥳

Since our goal is to provide you with a tool that will give you the best results, our sending algorithm is meant to protect your domain reputation as much as possible, that's why the maximum number of emails sent is rarely reached.

BUT, if you need more emails to be sent, simply increase the limit.

HOWEVER, we recommend referring to your provider’s best practice.

Enjoy ❤️

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