Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

If you want to add a website screenshot, here are the steps:

🧩 Update my .CSV file

First of all, you should add a column for this variable. You can either:

📷 Write the exact URL of the screenshot you want to add

📷 Write the domain of the website. Warning: it's not the safest option because you can never know for sure if your prospect's domain is set properly.

🌈 Edit my email

➡️ Go on your campaign

➡️ Click « Image template » to add a new image

➡️ Click on « Edit custom image »

➡️ On the image editor, click on « Add element »

➡️ Choose the element you want to add (it depends on the number of columns you added on your .CSV file)

➡️ Then screenshot of your contacts url should appear in the email, personalized individually 🥳

You can also our video on this topic 🌈

Well done my lemlister, keep in mind that you can always reach out to us on the chat! 🤓

Enjoy ❤️

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