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How to change my sender name? ✍️
How to change my sender name? ✍️

Manage your Google alias so you decide what name should show in your prospects' inbox

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Heeeey lemlister! 👋

If you want to change the named displayed in the form of your email, you need to edit your Gmail settings first.

✅ In your Gmail account

➡️ Go into your Settings, with the gear icon and click on "see all settings"

➡️ When "all settings" are opened choose the Account tab, click on "edit info"

➡️ Set your name

➡️ Click on "Save changes"

✅ In your lemlist account

➡️ Go to Settings then Sending Settings

➡️ Next part is to click "Edit" on the email connected

➡️ Click on the "Refresh" button.

👉 You should see the new name near your email 🎉

You can also check the article How to change my email address? 𝌡 if you need it.

If you need some support, I'll be happy to help you, simply ask your questions on our chat 🤓

Enjoy ❤️

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