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You want to take your level of personalization a step further? Creating a landing page can be a great solution πŸš€ Here I explain to you how to it!

πŸ— Create my landing page

➑️ Go to your campaign editor.

➑️ Highlight the element you want to link to the landing page (text, image).

➑️ Click on the « Page template » button.

➑️ Choose your template or create a new page.

πŸ– Personalize my landing page

➑️ Click « Edit Custom Page »

➑️ This will automatically open the editor for your landing page, Here, you can play with pretty much anything πŸŽ‰πŸŽ¨

🎨 Use text, logos, youtube videos, background colors, etc.

🎨 Use as many variables as you want.

🎨 Insert your Calendly URL.

πŸ’‘lemlister tip

Indeed, you can link a calendar URL instead of Calendly, HubSpot, or Typeform calendars. Otherwise, you can test any other calendar via its URL but it is not guaranteed to work as some sites may block integrations.

🎨 Add a live chat window, such as Talkus.

✨ This is a high level of outreach personalization will help you increase your reply rate schedule meetings with prospects.

AnaΓ«lle also created a video tutorial to take you through this process πŸ˜‡

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