Why are my emails not sent? πŸ“€
If your emails are not sent make sure you properly set up your schedule
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There are many reasons why you may not be able to send your emails...

But don't worry about anything, because we have made the three most common "issues" easy to fix.

What if the program displays a message like "1 e-mail every 540 minutes"?

What to do if the Schedule shows a message like "1 Email every 540 Minutes" ?!

1st case - You didn't pick a schedule

➑️ Go to your campaign, to the Schedules section

➑️ Select the schedule you want and adapt it to your needs (e.g. office hours)

2nd case - You have added more schedules by accident

Try to check if you added multiple schedules by mistake. If so, delete some of them to keep it consistent.

3rd case - Check your global daily limit

When you set up your schedule, you get to enter the time between each of your emails to be sent. Then, below this field, you'll get an estimation of the number of emails that will be sent per day with your schedule.

For this estimation to be right, make sure this doesn't exceed your daily limit.

Check and adapt your daily limit in the Account Settings - Limits

If you have anyquestionsn please feel free to reach out to our lovely support.

Enjoy ❀️

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