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Skip failed steps in your multichannel sequence
Skip failed steps in your multichannel sequence
Updated over a week ago

Heeey lemlister!

In the campaign that have only emails included in sequence whenever an email couldn’t be delivered, it will bounce - which means that the lead will automatically be moved to the unsubscribe section.

In a multichannel campaigns, things are a little bit different 😎

If you have a failed step for a specific lead in your multichannel sequence, then lemlist will skip this failed step and go to the next available step from another channel.

Let's say your LinkedIn invite failed for a particular lead, then lemlist will skip any other LinkedIn step of your sequence for this lead and will directly send the next step that is not using the same channel, e.g. email, call.


Step 1 - LinkedIn Invitation (fail)

(delay: 1 day)

Step 2 - LinkedIn Message (skipped)

(delay: 2 days)

Step 3 - Mail: We will then send this step mail one day after the failed Linkedin in step 1. 😊

☝️ When lemlist skips failed step(s) the next available step is launched without delay

☝️ If no other channel is found after the failed step, the campaign stops

☝️ You can see your skipped steps in your "Activity" and "Stats" reports

Let me give you a few examples to make sure everything is perfectly clear!


Step 1: LinkedIn visit (2-day delay)

Step 2 : LinkedIn message (1-day delay)

Step 3 : email (3-day delay)

Step 4 : email

If Step 1 fails, then Step 2 will be skipped and the sequence will jump to Step 3 without delay, meaning Step 3 will be send the next day.


Step 1: email (2-day delay)

Step 2: email (1-day delay)

Step 3: email (1-day delay)

Step 4: LinkedIn visit (2-day delay)

Step 5: LinkedIn message (3-day delay)

Step 6: email (2-day delay)

Step 7: manual task

If the 1st email fails or bounces for a lead, then Step 2 and Step 3 will be skipped, and the sequence will jump to Step 4.

As mentioned when an email is bouncing it is automatically added to your unsubscribe section and depending on reasons for bounce, it's completely up to you to keep or remove the lead from the unsubscribe section.

As long as he will be unsubscribed, you will not be able to contact or add this lead to a new campaign in the future. ☠️

Once the sequence gets to step 6, it will be detected as a skipped channel and the sequence will jump to Step 7.


Step 1 : email (2-day delay)

Step 2 : email (1-day delay)

Step 3 : email

If the 1st email fails or bounces for a lead the campaign will stop as there is no other channels available.

Enjoy ❤️

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