Heeeey lemlister! 👋

From now on, you can combine the power of lemlist with your CRM to avoid back and forth between the two platforms.

lemlist enriches your Hubspot database with precious information related to your campaigns: leads, deals, updates, and activities.

Depending on your set-up, you'll be able to:

🚀 Create new leads in your CRM, whatever the channel you used to import them to your lemlist campaign: CSV, API, LinkedIn extension, Zapier, manually, etc.

🔥 Add hot leads to your CRM depending on their activity with your campaign: replied, clicked, marked as Interested

🌟 Update leads in your CRM with verified information and with their latest activities in lemlist

⚡️ Import prospects from Hubspot to your campaign using your filters

Let's go 😎

How to set up your CRM?

Nothing to do, lemlist does it for you as soon as you connect your CRM to lemlist! 🥳

The only thing is, if you spot a missing field, you can add it to Hubspot.
Go to Settings > Data Management > Properties and click "Create property" (as below).

Fill in the fields to create the property🚨 and follow the rules below:

  • For the "Group" field: select "lemlist"

  • For the "Label" field: add "lemlist" as a prefix to your property name so you will never use an existing property in Hubspot.

    e.g. Your property is called Icebreaker, then the property name in Hubspot should be "lemlistIcebreaker"

How to set up your CRM in lemlist?

Make sure to connect your CRM from your Settings section, Integrations tab.

Also don't forget to enable lemlist to "sync your campaign's name and lead status in your CRM" by clicking the toggle as below.

1️⃣ Import your leads

First things first, when you create a new campaign, select the way you want to import your leads from the Leads tab.

If you want to import your leads via your CRM click on the link "settings of the campaign".

⚠️ Don't forget that you can also import your leads via:

  • our LinkedIn extension to export a list of contacts from a simple LinkedIn search

  • your CRM, directly in the Settings tab of the Editor (see below)

🚨 Pro Tip 🚨

Scanners are possible with full funnel if the import does not come from a CRM filter only. (meaning CSV, extension or API).

2️⃣ Select your CRM

If you haven't connected your CRM yet, you'll get a pop-up that asks you to do it from your Settings section.

If you've already connected your CRM, select the right one from the list.

3️⃣ Choose the filter you want to use in your lemlist campaign

Select the leads you want to import in your campaign among the list filters from the dropdown menu.

4️⃣ Choose where your deal should be created in Hubspot

Here, you can ask lemlist to add a new deal to any stage of your pipeline.

5️⃣ Choose when a deal should be created in Hubspot

By default, a deal is created "when a new task is created in lemlist" and if the lead already exists in your CRM.

That's why we recommend you select:

"Create persons and organizations in Hubspot if they do no exists"

In case a lead is interested but didn't reply by email, we also recommend you select:

"Create deals when a lead is marked as interested" 

⚠️ If you chose to create a deal when a new task is created in lemlist, make sure you tick the right box in your campaign's options.

6️⃣ Duplicates

Choose how you want to manage the duplicated leads in your campaigns whatever the channel you used to import them (API, Zapier, extension, manual, etc.).

⚠️ Campaign notifications

If you see one of the notifications below, make sure to unlink and link Hubspot again.

And everything should be fine 😊

If you see the notification below, make sure to reconnect the account that is mentioned.

Finally, if you want to stop the Hubspot integration for this campaign, just press the red button "Stop Hubspot integration".

7️⃣ Activities

By default, all activities of leads (email sent, opened, clicked, replied, same for Linkedin steps) are added in your lead's file inside your CRM in the form of notes.

If you check that option, no activities will be added:

Note that you cannot choose to add some type of activities and not others, it's either all of them, or none of them.

💡One final note, if you also want to have the campaign's name and lead status synced in your activities, please make sure to enable the following feature in your general settings - integrations:

Congrats, you've just optimized your workflow and increase your chances of success 🥳

Enjoy ❤️

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