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Getting Started Part 2: Launching Your First Campaign
Getting Started Part 2: Launching Your First Campaign

Step by step explanations to start your first campaign successfully.

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Hi again!

So, you're now fully briefed on how to be correctly set up to start using lemlist.

How to create your first campaign:

In case you’re a video person, here’s a quick demo:

…but if you prefer step-by-step instructions, let me walk you through each step.

Create your first campaign:

You can do this under "Main menu" then under "Campaigns" and click on the "+" icon:

Or you can click on "Create a new campaign"

Import your Leads a.k.a. your email list.

In the "Lead list" section, you can choose from these options:

You can:

  • Upload your CSV file or enter emails manually.

  • Import from existing campaign.

  • Import Leads from your CRM.

  • Import from Zapier.

  • Import Leads from Linkedin and/or Sales Navigator. - only with our Pro Plan.

  • Use our API to get it done.

lemlister tip

If you are struggling with finding leads for your outreach campaign, check the most in-depth guide on how to find anyone's email 💌

Also, at this stage you are able to:

Decide whether would you like to NOT IMPORT leads that are already in any other campaign or only in this campaign.

Have in mind that the basic setup is that you cannot have duplicated leads in this specific campaign:

At this point you can also decide which enrichment option you would like to use.

Settings section: What can I do in lemlist?

Where to find "Settings"

Here you can:

1️⃣ Check out the campaign settings and choose Sequence and Task settings:

  • In accordance with leads activity (reply or click) you can tell lemlist when you want your campaign to stop for your leads.

  • Choose when the task should be created in lemlist.

2️⃣ Add campaign to "Groups".

Sequence section:

From this section you can choose which actions you want to preform in your campaign.

You can also choose steps and conditions.


Automatic steps: This means that steps will be preformed automatically.

  1. Email.

  2. API.

  3. LinkedIn (visit; invite; message)

Manual steps: This means that you will need manually to preform these actions.

Please note that these two steps are reserved for our Pro plan.

  1. Call.

  2. Manual task.

  3. API.

  4. Send to another campaign.


Lead information:

  1. Has email address

  2. Has LinkedIn URL

  3. Has phone number

  4. Custom conditions

Lead actions:

  1. Opened email

  2. Clicked on link in email

  3. Unsubscribe from email

  4. Booked a meeting

  5. Accepted invite

You can learn more about conditions here.

And if you need an inspiration you can check the list of 50+ proven cold email templates 🚀

And, of coursem in this section you will be able to select the email address you want to use as your sender:

Schedule section:

Before finishing with your campaign, you need to select a schedule:

Go to "Settings" then to "Schedules"

In this section you can choose the time frame (days & hours to deliver the campaign) and setup the minute delay that concerns new leads.

Review section:

In order to launch your campaign you will need to review your lead 🚀

This is the place where you can make last-minute edits for a specific prospect.

You can review emails one-by-one or all of them immediately:

And your emails are on their way.

Tips & tricks for advanced players:

Good luck with your campaign!

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