Ok lemlister, you're now fully briefed on how to be correctly set up to start using lemlist.

Now, onto the campaigns subject!

👨‍🎨 How to create your first campaign

⚡️ In case you’re a video person, here’s a quick demo 😌

… but if you prefer step-by-step instructions, let me walk you through each step:

⚡️Create your first campaign:

Go to Editor and click on "New campaign" on the bottom left corner.

⚡️Import your Leads a.k.a. your email list.

You can:

  • Upload your CSV file or enter emails manually

  • Import Leads from your CRM

  • Import Leads from Linkedin and/or Sales Navigator (only with our Sales Engagement plan)

  • Import Leads from a Google Sheet

  • Use our API to get it done

If you are struggling with finding leads for your outreach campaign, check the most in-depth guide on how to find anyone's email 💌

⚡️ Create your cold email or choose an existing template

This is how you create a campaign from scratch: choose the option "Email Blank".

Or be inspired from our many templates.

or you can use one of the existing templates:

Need inspiration? Check the list of 50+ proven cold email templates 🚀:

⚡️ Personalize your cold outreach with next-gen features:

Personalized Images:

You can add mind-blowing custom images, that are personalized for each specific lead. For example, add dynamic text, company logos or website screenshot... like this:

Here's how it will look in the prospect's inbox:

A few more ideas for personalized images:

Dynamic landing pages & custom videos:

You can send cold emails with landing pages and add videos, texts, logos, Calendly links, and pop-ups. 🎯

Here is how to set it up

⚡️ Don’t forget to add the unsubscribe link to your emails

⚡️ Add follow-ups and create sequences

⚡️ Set up your schedule. Choose the time frame (days & hours to deliver the campaign) and the max number of emails you want to send daily.

⚡️ Select the email address you want your campaign to be sent with

⚡️ Choose when do you want to stop emailing your Leads and turn them into opportunities

3️⃣ Send your cold emails

⚡️Review your Leads. This is the place where you can make last-minute edits for a specific prospect

⚡️ You can review emails one-by-one or all of them immediately

⚡️ Booooom! Your emails are on their way

4️⃣ Tips & tricks for advanced players

⚡️ Understand and analyze your metrics

Aim to have a 50%+ open rate, either a 40%+ click rate or 8%+ reply rate depending on your outreach goal and below 5% bounce rate.

⚡️ Need inspiration for your cold email subject line? Go here

⚡️ A/B test your subject lines, cold email copy, call-to-actions, and sequences.

⚡️ Master the liquid syntax for more personalization

⚡️ If a Lead wants to be removed from your list, send them to the Graveyard 🧟‍♀️

Good luck with your campaign! ❤️

Still have questions?

⚡️Use the search bar in our Help Center to find your answer 💡

⚡️If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the lemlist chat ❤️

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