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AI Icebreaker Generator

Discover the Icebreaker Generator, an AI-powered tool that allows users to effortlessly generate unlimited icebreakers for your leads.

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Heey lemlister!

Another feature of our AI tools is the amazing Icebreaker Generator!

The Icebreaker Generator can be used with campaigns that have been created manually and campaigns that have been created with the assistance of our AI sequence generator.

Icebreakers can be generated both from your Leads section or your Review section.

Generate Icebreakers from your "Lead list" section:

Looking at your "Lead list" section within your campaign, you are able to generate all icebreakers for all your existing leads list by clicking on the button, shown below:

If you'd like to generate icebreakers only for specific leads, just select the leads concerned and find the Icebreaker generation button.

You should see the number of leads you have selected:

Don't forget to add the {{icebreaker}} custom variable in your sequence!

Easy peasy 😉

Generate Icebreakers from my Leads section

As you can see, a warning tells me that {{icebreaker}} custom variable is missing.

It means that there is no data for that custom variable yet.

No worries, AI is here to help you 😄

In order to generate Icebreakers, you have 2 choices:

  1. Click directly on the "Generate all icebreakers" button to generate icebreakers for all the leads present in your list of leads to be reviewed.

2. Select only the leads for which you want to generate icebreakers, then click on the "generate X icebreakers" button : X will = the number of leads you have selected.

What happens next?

No matter from which section or for how many leads you decide to generate your icebreakers, the following step will happen:

A nice modal will appear, asking you the tone of the Icebreakers you desire + confirming the cost, in credits, for those Icebreakers.

​Please note that each AI Icebreaker is free for all our paying users with the Email Starter plan and more.

The daily limit of 1000 Icebreakers - per user. - please refer to our article about Credits

🤩 In a few seconds, we generated 5 Icebreakers propositions for your lead. You can choose the one that seems the best or regenerate Icebreakers with a new Tone in 2 clicks.

💡 Note that we don’t use the LinkedIn scanner to create Icebreakers anymore. Meaning that there is no more limit in terms of use. (we went to a few days to get 50 Icebreakers to… a few minutes 😎). Also, a lead needs to have an existing LinkedIn account (LinkedIn URL) or we won’t be able to generate an icebreaker.

And that is all!

If you need any assistance don't hesitate to reach out to our live support.

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