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Understanding Deliverability Statuses
Understanding Deliverability Statuses

A Comprehensive Explanation of the Four Different Statuses and Their Meanings.

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In the article, we will discuss the email status tags associated with each debounced lead.

There are four possible statuses: Deliverable, Risky, Unknown, and Undeliverable. Let's delve into each status and understand their implications in more detail.

Understanding 4 Deliverability Statuses: Meanings

In the leads section of your campaign, by hovering above the enrich stats icon, you can see the different statuses that you can get:

Here is the breakdown of each status:

  1. Deliverable: The recipient's email provider has confirmed that the email address exists and is safe to send messages to.

  2. Risky: The email address has the potential to result in a bounce or low engagement. Risky addresses include those classified as Accept All (accepts all incoming emails regardless of validity), Full Mailbox (mailbox is full and unable to receive new messages), or Disposable (temporary or throwaway email address).

  3. Undeliverable: The email address is either syntactically incorrect or does not exist.

  4. Unknown: We did not receive a response from the email provider, so the status remains uncertain.

These deliverability statuses provide insights into the condition and reliability of email addresses, helping you make informed decisions about your email campaigns.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our support chat.

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