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Create a Google alias to send your campaigns from almost any other email providers

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Heeeey lemlister!

As a lemlister, you already know that lemlist sends your campaigns from one of the Google accounts you've connected.

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That creating an alias in Gmail allows you to send lemlist campaigns from almost any other email provider, including

Here's the free step-by-step tutorial to set it up properly, alongside our very own article on "How to use Gmail aliases"!

We also got you covered with a tutorial in case you get any issues, like your emails not being properly tracked!

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

  • I'm getting an error in Gmail when trying to set up sending via my alias.

"You must send through SMTP servers when you send as [email address] However, this functionality is not available for your account. Please contact your domain administrator for more information."

This indicates ๐Ÿ˜Œ that you need to enable advanced security setting in your Google Workspace Admin. Essentially, you need to check the "Allow per-user outbound gateways" setting.

In Google Workspace Admin go to Apps -> Google Workspace -> Settings for Gmail -> End User Access -> Allow per-user outbound gateways

  • Does this work with any email address?

Most email providers, yes. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Your provider must allow connections over SMTP and either POP3 or IMAP. Sometimes, these settings are off by default, and you need to flip it on.

After doing so, your email provider's help pages should give you the appropriate settings (such as the hostname and port number) that you'll need to enter into Gmail.

  • Are there other ways to set this up?

In many email providers, you should be able to set up auto-forwarding โœ… so that all replies to your alias address are forwarded to your Google address. You'll still need the "Send mail as" setting hooked up in Gmail so that your Google account can send on behalf of that account, but auto-forwarding can eliminate the need for POP3 or IMAP. The key thing with auto-forwarding is that the email must come through without being modified or losing email headers.

  • What about company installations of Outlook?

We don't have a clear answer on this ๐Ÿ™ƒ since each installation can vary so much. If POP3 and IMAP aren't allowed but you can set up an auto-forwarding rule (see our earlier question on this), then you should read this article to see if you need to set up "redirecting" instead of "forwarding."

If some of your questions are still unanswered, ping us on the chat, and we'll give you a hand!

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