Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

We're thrilled to welcome you to our family ❤️

We’ve prepared a quick little guide to get you started and show you all the cool things you can do in lemlist.

1️⃣ Set up your account

⚡️ Link lemlist to your email provider in a matter of seconds.

⚡️ It’s a good idea to set up your signature and use the {{signature}} variable to add it to any campaign ✍️

⚡️ Maximize your email deliverability by setting up your DNS.

Having a custom tracking domain (CTD), a SPF, A DMARC and a DKIM is mandatory for lemlist to work and for your delivrability to stay top notch whatever you do.

We know, it doesn’t sound sexy but YOU REALLY NEED THIS. 👌

Plus, your CTD allows you to track your campaigns' click rate!

👉 Learn how to create your CTD.

👉 Learn how to set up DMARC, SPF and DKIM.

⚡️To get the best deliverability ever, don't forget to use our deliverability booster.

If you want to give an extra boost to your email deliverability, take a look at this checklist.

Ready for the fun part?

Check our article to now learn how to create your first campaign.

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