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Heeeeey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

So you have this campaign under A/B Test already and you notice that one version (let's say A) is way more successful than the B.

Good on you, you now know that this is the version you should send to all new leads that you will import in the future!

But how to do this?

Well, it's pretty simple, let me show you.

1️⃣ Go into your campaign and click on version you'd like to choose as the winningnone (A or B)

2️⃣ Let's say you want to choose version A as your winning sequence, then click on "Choose sequence A"

3️⃣ Next, you'll get a message to inform you that if you proceed there will be no going back!

Finally once you click "OK" this is what you should see from your campaign dashboard:

πŸ’‘lemlist tipπŸ’‘

  • Note that only the new leads that haven't been reviewed yet will be contacted with your winning version. This means that old leads already reviewed and contacted with version B before you chose version A as your winning sequence will proceed with version B of the campaign until the very end of their journey in this campaign.

  • It's not possible to start a new A/B test above a campaign for which you have chosen a winning sequence already. Although, you can save your emails as templates an re-use them in a new campaign.

That's all for now my lovely lemlister, if you have any question, drop us a message over the chat support!

Stay lemazing! ⭐

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