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Incorporating a Video into Your Campaign
Incorporating a Video into Your Campaign

Learn how you can integrate engaging videos into campaigns.

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Hey lemlister! πŸ‘‹

Are you curious about the possibility of including videos in your email campaigns?

The answer is a 'yes,' but only in these specific plans:

However, it's important to note that videos can only be sent through landing pages in only in email steps.

If you wish to send a video via LinkedIn, you will need to copy and paste its URL into your LinkedIn message step, as LinkedIn does not allow video embedding.

How to Include Videos in Your Campaigns?

It's not possible to embed a video directly in the email body.

It would make that email too heavy and for deliverability purposes, not a good practice overall.

That is why you'll get to use our landing pages feature to do so!

Everything is explained in this detailed article. ⚑️

Looking for evidence of the impact of video integration? Check out our article to see how we achieved an impressive 33% reply rate with a single campaign πŸš€.

The sky is the limit lemlister!


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