Heeeeey lemlister! 👋

You dreamt it, we did it!

A 3.0 version of the app has been released with multiple channels and endless possibilities for your future campaigns:

  • Email
  • LinkedIn profile visit
  • LinkedIn invite
  • LinkedIn message
  • Phone call
  • Sparkles, which are custom tasks that you manually add to your sequence (e.g. comment on the last post of prospect X)
  • Call API

Access is limited! If you want to have a chance to join the futur of sales automation apply here.

Why is this powerful?

The key in outreach is to show interest in your prospect in order to build a strong relationship. Because once you've done that, the sale is way easier!

So now, imagine a sequence where :

1️⃣ You first show your prospect, you + your colleagues are curious about what he's accomplished so far.

STEP 1, 2 and 3: LinkedIn page visit from your profile and on behalf of your colleagues.

2️⃣ Then you ask relevant and specific questions to show that you understand his needs and have the ideal solution to offer

STEP 2: Highly personalized email

3️⃣ Finally you call him to make it even more “human” and close the sale or book a demo.

STEP 3: Call

There are 1000s ways to play with channels and build powerful campaigns ⚡️

Don’t hesitate to A/B test your steps or your entire sequence to better understand what performs best for your future campaigns.

How do I create my multichannel sequence?

➡️ Create a new campaign (you can use the keyboard shortcut "N")

➡️ Import your Buddies-to-Be

➡️ Select the channel you want to use for your 1st step

➡️ Add as many steps as you need and indicate the delays to apply between each of them

➡️ Set up your Schedule and Options

➡️ Review your Buddies-to-Be once you've checked everything looked good

Congrat's you've launched your 1st multichannel campaign 👏

Enjoy ❤️

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